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This past Friday was a truly momentous day for many reasons. First, weย actually posted on our blog, something that hasn’t happened in…well. In a long time. Second, it was Halloween. And third, it actually rained in our poor, drought-starved state.

Oh yeah, and the biggest reason of all? Stephanie, Kati, and I were reunited!

Kati, Heidi, and Stephanie posing in front of a Santa Cruz sunset

Kati, Heidi, and Stephanie posing on the pier

Yep, we all gathered in Santa Cruz to catch up on all things writing-related. Including, of course, Harry Potter. I mentioned that JK Rowling had written a new story for Halloween on her website, Pottermore, and then we discovered Stephanie had never been there.

STEPHANIE: You can get Sorted into one of the Houses? I want to try! What House are you?

KATI: Gryffindor!

HEIDI: <mumble>

STEPHANIE: What was that? Gryffindor for both of you?

HEIDI: <mumble> …puff… <mumble>


KATI: Nah, Heidi’s in Hufflepuff. <evil grin>


HEIDI: Hey! I have Badger pride, all right! And besides, maybe you’ll be in House Hufflepuff, too.

STEPHANIE: I don’t think that’s very likely.

Yeah, it turned out Stephanie, the traitor, was also in House Gryffindor. But that’s okay. I’ll just raise my badger paws up in the air…alone. And for all my fellow Hufflepuffs out there, this song’s for you:

How about you? Have any of you gone to Pottermore to be Sorted? Which House did you end up in? And did you think it was an accurate sorting?