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Hello friends! It has been far too long, but better late than never to say: Happy New Year!

This new year I resolved not to make any resolutions at all. That way I could get the whole resolution fail out of the way at the start, instead of waiting until mid-March like normal. 😉 I also decided to set a few looser goals, things to work on throughout the whole year.

1. Develop a more consistent early morning writing practice:

Last year I tried to make it a habit to get up by 4 or 5am and get in at least an hour or two of writing every morning. Some mornings I was victorious. Other mornings, the gravitational pull of my bed was just too strong. I refer to these constant struggles as “The Battles of the Snooze.” I’m happy to report that so far in 2015, nothing much has changed on that front – but I will battle on. By the end of the year, I hope to be in the habit of just getting up every morning.

My early morning writing partner

My early morning writing partner

2. Read more non-fiction:

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. I do most of my reading in one of my chosen genres, and I think that’s important. But I also think there’s a lot to be said for reading outside your preferred genres. I realized I tend to avoid anything non-fiction, and I am going to try to change that this year.

3. Learn to cook:

You’d think I know how. The main character of mine and Kati’s book, after all, is a chef. And I do try. I even invent my own dishes, and sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes…well. Honestly, there are only a handful of things I feel confident I can make. Usually when I’m writing a cooking scene, I just describe Lailu making stew and then send it along to Kati, who yells at me and then changes it to something more “high-end.” So I’ve decided this year that I will make something new every week. And since Kati’s boyfriend got me hooked on Blue Apron, I’ve actually been making progress on that goal – six new recipes this year alone, and counting!

A messy stove is the mark of a good chef!

A messy stove is the mark of a good chef! That’s what I tell myself…

So how about you? Any goals for this year? And any good non-fiction recommendations?