Hi everyone! As Heidi told you all last week, in honor of the infamous holiday, April Fool’s Day, we’re doing a month on tricksters.

As you all probably know, I loooove tricksters, particularly the ones that straddle the line of good and evil. I feel those characters are often driving forces behind the plots of some of my favorite stories, or in the very least they spice things up a bit.

A drawing I did of one of my favorite tricksters of all time

A drawing I did of one of my favorite tricksters of all time

I guess the important question is: what makes someone a trickster?

According to Merriam-Webster, a trickster is “a cunning or deceptive character appearing in various forms of folklore of many cultures.” Or “someone who tricks or deceives people especially in order to get something.”

I think it’s the last part of the second definition that really defines a trickster. If they don’t have motivation for any of their pranks, than they are merely pranksters; I feel that all tricksters are pranksters to some extent, but not all pranksters are necessarily tricksters.

So, who are some of your favorite tricksters and pranksters in fiction or mythology?