About Us

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Kati Bartkowski left her job as an administrative zombie slayer for a vastly more dangerous calling: raising a baby. She has to deal with the same sharp teeth and insatiable hunger, but her “foe” is much cuter. When she’s not busy chasing her little one around, she’s writing or drawing. Find Kati on twitter @ktbartkowski.

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Heidi Lang has her own sharp teeth to deal with: she spends her days running and walking packs of dogs. When she’s not out on the trails, she’s usually hunched over a computer writing, or deep into a good book. No matter where she is, she’s almost certainly covered in dog fur. Find Heidi on twitter @hidlang.



Kati and Heidi are the co-authors of LAILU LOGANBERRY’S MYSTIC COOKING (forthcoming from Aladdin in Summer 2017). They are represented by Jennifer Azantian of the Azantian Literary Agency.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. You ladies are having three times the fun! Thanks for the visit at my blog. I will be sure to explore yours 🙂

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